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Male Nude Photography- Just Shirtless I-gay-dvd

Male Nude Photography- Just Shirtless I
Starring - Adam Paul, Adrian, Alec Paul, Alecks, Alex Bretz, Andreas, Andrew Elm, Ang Lei, Ang Lei, Angus Paul, Austin Power, Austin Power, Bailey Charles, Baileys, Beatnick, Beau Michael Williams, Ben Alexander, Brett Daley, Brian Gabriel, Brian McMahon, Bryce Buxton, Bryce Von Ryan, Camden DeMarko, Candyman, Carlos Laslo, Carmino Miranda, Carter Lang, Cell, Chip LaBlanc, Chris Carter, Chris Oregon, Chris Silver, Christian Galan, Christian Hunt, Christopher Pavluv, Christopher Steal, Clift, Connor, Damian Norris, Damien Drake, Dan Carter, Dan MacBeth, Dani Davey, Daniel Takahashi, Danny Diamond, Darin Stevens, David Nick, Dawson, Daxe, Deagan Birch, Dean Marquez, Denton Wallace, Denware Dupuis.
Prolific nude male photographer Nick Baer presents a collection of his male models, as photographed over the years. Only, just shirtless! These male models appear full frontal nude in other Books here, published by Nick Baer.

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Meet the Models in Male Nude Photography- Just Shirtless I

Adam Paul


Alec Paul


Alex Bretz


Andrew Elm

Ang Lei

Ang Lei^1

Angus Paul

Austin Power

Austin Power^1

Bailey Charles



Beau Michael Williams

Ben Alexander

Brett Daley

Brian Gabriel

Brian McMahon

Bryce Buxton

Bryce Von Ryan

Camden DeMarko


Carlos Laslo

Carmino Miranda

Carter Lang


Chip LaBlanc

Chris Carter

Chris Oregon

Chris Silver^1

Christian Galan

Christian Hunt

Christopher Pavluv

Christopher Steal



Damian Norris

Damien Drake

Dan Carter

Dan MacBeth

Dani Davey^2

Daniel Takahashi

Danny Diamond

Darin Stevens

David Nick



Deagan Birch

Dean Marquez

Denton Wallace

Denware Dupuis

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